Pink Flowers

Perennial Planning

Purchase and plant perennials without carefully setting the stage, and the result may be chaos in the garden and disappointing results. Proper garden planning begins with the site and not the plants themselves.

February through March is the optimal time to plant or transplant perennials, roses and other shrubs. Some questions you should ask yourself before rushing off to the nursery: How large is the bed? From which direction will it be viewed? How much light does the area receive? Is the drainage good? What existing trees, shrubs, or other features will contribute to the composition?

Keep in mind that flower colors are important – they must harmonize, blend, or contrast attractively with one another. Time of bloom should also be considered – select perennials that will bloom at various times to get the most out of this planting season. Be sure to research how tall the plants will grow, and put the taller plants toward the back of the garden bed. Finally, choose perennials with a variety of textures.

Remember New Orleans is the 3rd rainiest city in the country. As Times-Picayune columnist Dan Gill says, here “To survive here, perennials also must be able to endure the heat, humidity and rain of summer and the diseases that season brings.”

Once you have a picture in your mind of your perfect spring beds, research and find the plants that will fit into that dream!

For ideas or plant installation, give Greenman Dan a call! Assured to be stress-free.