Maintaining Garden Health


Fertilizers provide mineral elements needed to maintain plant health. Different types of fertilizers encourage plants to develop more or larger blooms, greener leaves, faster growth, or more fruit, so keep this in mind when selecting and applying fertilizers.

Many LA soils lack good fertility and need the help of fertilizers to maintain an adequate and balanced level of nutrients. However, over-application of fertilizer will result in lawns that need more mowing, are more prone to diseases and insects, and are more sensitive to environmental stressors. In contrast, grass that receives appropriate levels of fertilizer produces a dense root and shoot system. A healthy grass cover conserves water and soil, and can reduce summer temperatures around the house by 15-30 degrees. Thus, the absorptive, filtering, protective, and moderating quality of a lawn are well worth the inputs to keep it thick and healthy.

Fertilizing can be done by applying composted organic material, packaged fertilizer, or a specific mineral that your soil is deficient in (such as iron). Call Greenman Dan today to schedule a soil test to determine the type of fertilizer that will help your garden or lawn perform their best!

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