Greenman Dan's Refer-A-Friend makes friendship more valuable than ever before. When a friend purchases any service offered by Greenman Dan, they'll receive a completely customized, professional service; one that fits exactly who they are and how they would like to improve their property. Best of all, you'll benefit on your next project with us as well. It's easy! Have them give us your name when they purchase their service with Greenman Dan, and you can SAVE 20% on your next Greenman Dan service!

Refer-A-Friend Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions ("terms") apply to the Greenman Dan, Inc. Refer-A-Friend program ("Refer-A-Friend Program" or "Program"). By referring a customer, purchasing service or otherwise participating under the Program, the referring and referred customer as the case may be, agrees to these terms. Refer-A-Friend discounts are limited to the amount actually billed, at regular labor rate, for one service ("Service") offered by Greenman Dan, Inc. Eligible Service includes but is not limited to Garden Design & Installation; Garden & Landscape Maintenance; Shrub Pruning; Manual Hand Weeding; Irrigation System Installation; Irrigation Repair; Sod Installation; Sub-Surface Drainage Installation & Repair; Hardscaping Installations such as concrete pavers, flagstone & natural stone patios, pathways and garden bed retaining walls; Ponds & Water features. Discounts may not apply to costs related to material, dump fees, taxes, or any charges of a non-recurring nature or any additional charges relating to the service. Discounts are only available to current Greenman Dan, Inc. customers with accounts in good standing. CUSTOMERS REFERRED UNDER THE REFER-A-FRIEND PROGRAM: PURCHASE OF $400 MINIMUM SERVICE THROUGH THE REFER-A-FRIEND PROGRAM, WILL ENABLE THE REFERRING CUSTOMER TO RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT APPLIED TO THEIR NEXT SERVICE PURCHASE WITH GREENMAN DAN, INC. THE REFERRING CUSTOMER ALSO RECEIVED INFORMATION RELATED TO THE SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF THEIR REFERRAL'S SERVICE, CANCELLATION OF THE REFERRED CUSTOMER'S SERVICE (DURING THE 30-DAY PERIOD) AND OTHER INFORMATION RELATED TO THE REFER-A-FRIEND PROGRAM, AS NEEDED. BY PURCHASING SERVICE THROUGH THE REFER-A-FRIEND PROGRAM, THE REFERRED CUSTOMER AGREES THAT GREENMAN DAN, INC. MAY SHARE SUCH INFORMATION WITH THE REFERRING CUSTOMER. Discounts are only available for referrals resulting in a new Service purchase of $400 or greater. In order to receive discount, the referred customer: 1. Must not have been a Greenman Dan, Inc. service customer within 120 days of the date of referral. 2. Must purchase Service within 30 days of receipt of the first Refer-A-Friend notification and payment-in-full for completed service must be settled within 15 days of billing. Any referrals which have not purchased Service within the 60 day period, or cancel Service prior to its completion will be automatically deleted from the Refer-A Friend Program list and the referring customer will not receive discount for such customers. Only purchases of service placed by referrals through the Greenman Dan, Inc. Refer-A-Friend Program will be eligible for discounts and participation in the Program. Greenman Dan, Inc. tracking of orders and Service agreement status shall determine the issuance of discounts. All e-mails, between Greenman Dan, referring customers, and referred customers are subject to e-mail opt-out requests. No additional e-mails (including any reminder e-mail) will be sent to any referring and/or referred customer who elects to opt-out of future e-mails. Billing and invoicing e-mails are not subject to opt-out conditions. If any customer referred under the Program does not agree to these terms or otherwise to participate under the Program, the referring customer shall not receive discount in connection with the referral of such customer. Discount will not be applied to next service agreement between Greenman Dan and the referring customer until after the referred customer's service is completed and paid in full. Customers are required to pay all invoices in full. LIMIT OF ONE DISCOUNT PER SERVICE AGREEMENT WILL BE APPLIED. ADDITIONAL APPROVED DISCOUNTS MAY BE APPLIED TO FUTURE SERVICE. THE TOTAL NUMBER OF DISCOUNTS PER CUSTOMER SHALL BE LIMITED TO A MAXIMUM OF 8 DISCOUNTS PER CUSTOMER/BUSINESS FOR THE DURATION OF THE PROGRAM, REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS ACTUALLY REFERRED. Upon cancellation of Service by the referring customer for any reason, any unused discounts will automatically expire and may not be transferred, assigned or redeemed for cash. Any discounts which have not been used within 6 months of issuance will automatically expire. If multiple referrals for the same person are received, only 1 discount (subject to these terms) will be provided for the referral first received by Greenman Dan, Inc., as determined by Greenman Dan, Inc.. Discounts may not be combined with other offers. Refer-A-Friend Program is only open to U.S. legal residents, age 18 or older. Void in all other areas where prohibited. Employees of Greenman Dan, Inc., and its respective affiliates and the immediate family members of all such employees and all others with whom they are living in the same household are not eligible to participate in the Program or receive any discounts or other promotional offers under this Program. Refer-a-Friend Program participation limited to Greenman Dan, Inc. customers with accounts in good standing. Greenman Dan, Inc. reserves the right to alter, modify, suspend or terminate this program at any time upon 30 days notice, which notice may be provided through revisions posted on Greenman Dan's Refer-A-Friend web site.