Salvaging Potted Easter Lilies

Interested in finding a use for your fading Easter Lilies?

As soon as the flowers fade, trim them off, but DO NOT remove any of the green foliage.

Transplant the lilies into a well-drained, prepared spot in the garden that receives morning sun and afternoon shade.Apr2014-2-2

The bulbs will go dormant in mid- to late summer, and at that time the yellow foliage can be removed.

I suggest marking where the lily bulbs are located in your garden because, although they will not put on a show all year, they will perform seasonally for many years after proper planting and watering.

Each year the lilies will begin growth sometime in October or November, then grow very little throughout the winter.

They will put on a burst of growth in the springtime, then bloom again in late April or early May.

Do not fret if you do not see growth within the first year!

They may skip the first year but should eventually begin to bloom again.



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