Paver Patio Design & Installation

Add beauty and value to your home and landscape
Greenman Dan Paver Patio Design can make it happen for you!

If your heart’s desire is an outdoor sanctuary, Greenman Dan can also create a winding path in order to invite a leisurely stroll by a courtyard patio, raised beds, a slow bubbling water feature and outdoor sculpture or art. Check out our previous work here.

Pavers and PatiosImagine inviting your friends over and spending the time outdoors, cooking, having a glass of wine and enjoying the scenery, or whatever strikes your fancy! We're here to help turn your dreams into a reality. For the yard of your dreams... for the escape you deserve.

Pavers add beauty and value to your home. Using concrete pavers for patios, sidewalks and driveways is becoming more popular because of their affordability, durability and strength.

There are a wide variety of paving options. You can choose from many sizes, shapes, colors, designs, patterns or create your own pattern. One advantage to our paver patio design is that any one paver can be replaced at anytime.

This makes repairs easy and affordable for any homeowner. Greenman Dan can design a space that you will enjoy for many years to come:

  • Entertaining Area
  • Small Intimate Space in the Back Yard
  • Fire Pit Area
  • Courtyard
  • Pool Deck
  • Driveway

Garden Paths are a beautiful way to show off your landscape. 

By using permeable materials we can better manage stormwater and pervent flooding and overloading the city drains. 

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