Watering for Warmer Weather

The time has come to remind ourselves how to properly water our container and landscape plants.

With warmer weather already upon us, plants will become stressed for water much more quickly.

Pay particular attention to plants in smaller containers and those containers planted with a combination of several plants—these will dry out the fastest, and thus will need the most care through the spring and summer months.


Apply water to the soil until the water runs from the drainage holes to ensure the entire root ball has been moistened.

Unfortunately, if water runs quickly through the drainage holes, this may indicate that the soil has been too dry for too long.

When this occurs, the water bypasses the root ball without wetting it, so additional, slow watering will be necessary to sufficiently water these stressed plants.

Attention here is key: Note how quickly the water runs through the soil, and note whether or not the soil mass has been sufficiently moistened.

After all, this could mean the difference between healthy, long-lasting plants and those that will die quickly in this weather.

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