The History of Earth Day and The Green man

Earth Day is an annual event to celebrate the plants environment and to raise awareness of environmental issues. The First Earth day on 1970 was inspired by the idea of a national “Teach-in” to educate the public about the environment.

While Earth Day may be a modern showing of Environmentalism, the story of The Green man dates back thousands of years. While the full history and meaning of the Green man is unknown, the enduring message is timeless. The Green Man is believed by many to be the spirit of nature. Representations throughout history show the Green man as a man’s face covered in foliage.


Because of these images the Green man is believed to be a symbol of rebirth, the coming of spring in an eternal seasonal cycle. Others believe that he is the father of the earth, a partner for Mother Nature.

So, on Earth day we should recognize the symbol of the Green man, enjoy nature and the bloom of spring.