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Drainage Solutions

Guide the stormwater away from your property

New Orleans is the 3rd Rainiest City in America.

Our area receives rain only 54+/- times a year; so when we do get rain, we get massive amounts of rain!

The current approach is pumping every drop and that can cause problems with future drainage. Greenman Dan knows all about New Orleans Stormwater drainage problems. As a Rainwater Management specialist, we have developed and installed countless drainage plans projects that manage the heavy amount of rainfall we receive each year.
Proper drainage and control of water on your residential or commercial property is essential. Incorrect Garden Drainage can make the difference with your plants.

Greenman Dan offers practical, affordable drainage solutions to common issues, including the installation of:
  • French Drains
  • Sump Pumps
  • Surface Drains
  • Rain Harvesting Systems
  • Rain Gardens
  • Bioswales
A French Drain is a great drainage solution for yards with standing water. In New Orleans, this home had standing water flooding the driveway and house. Greenman Dan installed a French Drain to drain the rainwater away from the house and into a rain garden.

French Drain and Rain Garden Installation

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We provide creative, beautiful and innovative solutions for managing heavy rainfall.