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Rainwater Irrigation Systems

Reduce your water bill while keeping your plants healthier

Maximum Water Bill Savings

Take advantage of New Orleans’ prevalent rain. Buy less water from the city and instead use captured rainwater in your irrigation system.

Proven Results

We have installed many of these systems around the New Orleans area. One of our systems that received public attention was a rain water harvesting irrigation system that included a 1000 gallon underground rainwater containment reservoir that provided all the needed water for the homeowners’ gardens.

Best Water For Plants

Read any article ever written about what is the best water to use for plants and you will quickly learn that rain water is the best. City water contains chlorine, which is not healthy for plants. Rain water includes many nutrients. Many believe by using rain water, their garden plants bloom in greater numbers and last longer. The plant is healthier!
Keep rainwater runoff from reaching the street. New Orleans is the 3rd rainiest city in America! New Orleans also is easily flooded. By capturing rainwater and using it in your sprinkler system, you are helping the city by lessening the amount of stormwater that fills the streets. New Orleans is already considering adding a drainage fee to all water bill account holders. Our rain harvesting system could offset this fee.

Low-flow Drip Irrigation Systems

  • Saves water – studies show that drip irrigation systems use 30 – 50% less water than conventional watering methods, such as overhead watering systems.
  • Improves growth – Smaller amounts of water applied over longer amount of time provide ideal growing conditions. The water penetrates deeply into the soil to get into the root zone.
  • Discourages weeds – Water is only delivered where it’s needed.
  • Helps control fungal diseases – Wet foliage can spread plant disease. Drip systems keep foliage dry.
  • Adaptable – A drip irrigation system can be modified easily to adjust to the changing needs of a garden.

Pop-up Lawn Systems

  • Dependable – Most widely used sprinkler system.
  • Retractable – Perfect for use in lawns.
  • Precision Nozzles – Highly effective.
A French Drain is a great drainage solution for yards with standing water. In New Orleans, this home had standing water flooding the driveway and house. Greenman Dan installed a French Drain to drain the rainwater away from the house and into a rain garden.

French Drain and Rain Garden Installation

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