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Helping New Orleans Live With Stormwater One
Rain Garden
French Drain
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We Are A Unique Landscaping Company

Focused on Helping You Live With Stormwater

We’ve grown to become a very different landscaping company in the New Orleans area because our mission is to not just provide beautiful landscapes. We are laser-focused on managing stormwater runoff which is created by our heavy rains.

Why Is Green Infrastructure So Important?

French drains and rain gardens are crucial stormwater solutions that all property owners in New Orleans need to be thinking about.

Hear Dan’s Take on Rain Harvesting

Rain runoff is a serious problem in all communities. Landscaping, rain barrels, rain gardens and rain harvesting are solutions that all properties can implement to help prevent storm water runoff.

Why Choose Greenman Dan?

When choosing a landscaper to work with on your green infrastructure project, you should want an experienced, licensed landscape contractor and National Green Infrastructure Certified professional who you can trust and depend on. Greenman Dan has built our reputation on quality work, trust and dependability. We’ve been landscaping New Orleans and Metairie homes for over 15 years. The City of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish hire us to install their community rain gardens, parks and drainage… so why wouldn’t you?

If you’re looking for a landscaping green infrastructure company, irrigation contractor, paver installer, drainage contractor, or an expert french drain and rain garden builder, please contact Greenman Dan first.

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We provide creative, beautiful and innovative solutions for managing heavy rainfall.