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Rain Garden

Your very own rain garden. Install it yourself or let us professionally install for you!

What is a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is a landscape feature designed to collect, retain, and infiltrate rainwater

Greenman Dan offers both professionally installed and DIY rain garden packages. The DIY packages come with installation instructions and all materials are delivered to your doorstep.

All rain gardens differ in size and can be custom molded to fit the dimensions of your property. Our different rain garden packages are listed below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions while shopping for a rain garden!

Rain Garden Benefits

  • Creates habitat for pollinators such as beneficial insects and birds.
  • Reduces flooding.
  • Cleans rainwater runoff.
  • Reduces mosquito breeding.
  • Protects rivers, lakes and wetlands.
  • Provides a focal point for your yard that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Want the most beautiful, hard-working landscape on your block? Rain gardens celebrate native, easy to care for plants, temporarily store stormwater, and filter impurities. Greenman Dan has created two options for creating a rain garden: our professional installation and a do-it-yourself version.


So you’ve got a free weekend, don’t mind getting your hands dirty, and love saving money? Greenman Dan doesn’t mind sitting this one out. We think households should have the option to reduce the cost of a professionally installed project by providing their own labor. You provide the shovel, a little muscle, the desire to make something better — we’ll supply the rest.
Each DIY package includes:
  • step-by-step installation instructions (available in English and Spanish)
  • planting layout plan
  • template the size and shape of your rain garden
  • all the plants, bioretention soil* and mulch
  • delivery of materials **

*bioretention soil is packaged in reusable, refillable bags
**hauling away of excavated, unwanted soil is an available add-on service

What’s next?
  1. Pour yourself some hard-earned tea, and
  2. post some photos of your new rain garden (tag us!).

Professional Installation

Greenman Dan follows best practices to install rain gardens that deliver living, high-performance stormwater management systems. Our teams are trained to install rain gardens quickly and flawlessly. We provide the materials, labor, and equipment, and then haul away all excavated soil and debris.
What’s your role in all this?
  1. Enjoy your beautiful rain garden, and
  2. give yourself a pat on the back for helping your neighborhood soak up stormwater.

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